Gordons Cleaners - Dry Clean, Laundry | Chattanooga, TN

McCallie Ave: 423-629-1864 | S. Broad St: 423-265-5875 | N. Market St: 423-266-3252

Since 1952

Chattanooga, TN

"A History of Quality Clothing Care"

Dry Cleaning Alteration Laundry

We offer convenient drive-thru laundry drop-off services at 2 of our 3 locations at N. Market Street and South Broad Street.

At Gordons Cleaners we have been expertly cleaning, repairing and altering clothing and fabrics for over 60 years.

Our trained staff performs all fabric care including dry cleaning, alterations, repairs, garment preservation and more.

Laundry drive-thru and drop off

Clothing care since 1952

Cleaning and alterations